Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows Vista Microphone Problem

Having the Windows Vista microphone problem myself, I found very quickly how very aggravating to have my microphone not working on Vista was, and not knowing what to do!

After hours of research I did it!  That darn Windows Vista microphone problem causing major aggravation even though all of my settings were right! Nothing muted, volume controls up, everything was correct that I could see visually!

After I went through hell and no use of my broadcasting voice for voice-overs for nearly a month, finding the answer to my dilemma was worth a lot! I realized that many others will find themselves down the same path! Not wanting to fork out the $100 plus bucks for the new Windows 7 software dumping Vista, and seeking an "elCheapo" but effective solution!

So I decided to get paid for my hours of work on this, and sell the solution via PayPal on this blog, and you will have your microphone running in no time!

Bottom line, I am charging just $2.77 to solve your Windows Vista microphone problem of no microphone working, and save you valuable time and aggravation as well!  Just click the muted mic pic to solve your microphone problem instantly! It will let you pay securely with a PayPal account, or credit or debit card!  Yes you are welcome, and thank you for your business!

Click on the Mic and your problem is solved!

You will also receive my blog url address containing 9 free software programs hotlinks, to make your computer run faster, safer, and smoother, just to say thanks again for your business!

Finally my Windows Vista microphone problem solved!

Vista Mic Problem Solved!

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